Power Your Fork Truck With Clean-Burning Propane

Propane-powered vehicles have existed for almost 100 years. Propane is the most widely used alternative transportation fuel in the world. When cleanliness, reliability, and power are concerns for your fork truck operation, propane just makes sense.

Clean, Safe, and Economical Propane for Your Fork Truck

Propane is an extremely economical, safe, and clean-burning fuel. At Ross Welding Supplies, Inc., our team is available to offer professional propane fuel delivery services to assist commercial and industrial entities to more easily access this exceptionally versatile fuel. Fleet operators are increasingly recognizing the extreme benefits of converting to propane-powered fork trucks to cut costs and provide a low-emission power source to keep operations running smoothly.

Propane is Safe and Environmentally Friendly

Propane-fueled fork trucks offer many valuable advantages for the environment and society, as well as your wallet. It is the safe, economical, environmentally friendly, domestically produced alternative fuel source that is saving customers around the world significantly on operating costs.

Economical: Propane consistently costs less per gallon than traditional gasoline or diesel fuel. Users typically experience decreased maintenance costs. Incentives are available for fleet and commercial use.
Environmentally friendly: Propane gas-fueled vehicles emit 17 percent fewer greenhouse gases into the atmosphere than conventional gasoline-fueled vehicles.
Carefully conducted emissions comparisons have indicated that propane gas-fueled vehicles emit
  • 12% fewer carbon dioxide emissions
  • 20% fewer nitrogen oxide emissions
  • 60% fewer carbon monoxide emissions

Domestically-Produced Propane for Your Fork Truck: Made in the USA!

Domestically Produced: Propane is domestically produced right here in Pennsylvania. It is also stored locally and distributed safely and conveniently where needed via a wide variety of transportation methods.
Safe: Among all of the currently available alternative fuel sources, propane has the lowest flammability range and one of the lowest explosive ranges amongst all fuels in its class. In addition, LPG requires a much higher ignition temperature than gasoline or diesel fuel and burns significantly cleaner. It does not form dangerous ground puddles or water contamination risks if spilled (it simply vaporizes and quickly dissipates into the air).
All LPG/ Propane units have built-in safety devices and shut-off valves as an additional safety feature to best protect our customers. Generally speaking, propane storage and distribution tanks are 20 times more puncture-resistant and durable than gasoline tanks.

Contact us to learn more about how propane can help boost your bottom line. Contact us with any questions that you may have or to schedule your fuel delivery: (724) 226-9300.