Industrial Gas Supplier Located in Tarentum, PA

Industrial Gases for Westmoreland County, PA

Ross Welding Supplies, Inc. provides a variety of high-quality industrial gases to meet a variety of industrial heating, medical, and laboratory gas needs for our customers in Westmoreland County, PA and throughout our entire service area. From party supply stores in need of helium tanks to hospitals that need medical-grade oxygen, Ross Welding Supplies, Inc. can provide it all.

As one of Pennsylvania’s largest and most reputable gas suppliers, we offer a selection that includes:

Industrial Gas
Argon mix

Carbon Dioxide

Medical Oxygen
Specialty Mix
Lab Gas

Cylinder Bank
Cryogenic Liquid
And Much More

Delivery Available for All Industrial Gases

When you order industrial gases from Ross Welding Supplies, Inc., you get the benefits of our quality customer service, which includes delivery across our entire Western PA service area. Whether you are located in Westmoreland, Allegheny, Butler, or Armstrong, PA, Ross Welding Supplies, Inc. can deliver your industrial gas promptly from our location in Tarentum, PA. Just give us a call when your tanks are running low, and our delivery drivers will set out with your order as soon as possible, ensuring that you never run out of the gas you rely on to keep your job going.

High Quality Industrial Gases for All Your Needs

Ross Welding Supplies, Inc. guarantees that the industrial gases we deliver are of the highest quality and adhere to top safety standards. No matter if you work in a hospital, a lab, the food industry, or any other industry, we provide the best industrial gas possible. Contact us today to order the industrial gas your business needs, or with questions for our experienced and knowledgeable staff. We are available during office hours to answer any questions you may have, and 24/7 for emergency services. Call Ross Welding Supplies, Inc.: (724) 226-9300.